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Kurdophone, a Vienna-based band founded by Omid Darvish in 2017, has been gaining recognition for its exceptional compositions and arrangements that fuse Kurdish-Iranian music with other music genres. This blending creates a unique musical language that appeals to a wider audience.

The band comprises an eclectic mix of musicians, including Sarvin Hazin on the kamanche and violin, Amir Ahmadi on the piano, Helene Glüxam on bass, and Amir Wahba on percussion. Together, they create a dynamic and exciting sound that reflects their shared passion for Kurdish-Iranian music.

Kurdophone's debut album, "Isomer," released in 2019, showcases their incredible talent and unique sound. The album incorporates tanbur maqams and other genres such as jazz, rock, and classical contemporary music, producing a captivating and engaging sound that blends modern and traditional elements.

The band's fusion of genres has positioned them as an exciting ensemble to watch out for in the music scene. With their passion for Kurdish-Iranian music and exceptional ability to merge different genres, including jazz, rock, and classical contemporary music, Kurdophone is continuously growing and evolving.

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