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Kurdophone 2024

Kurdophone, a Vienna-based band founded by Omid Darvish in 2017, has been gaining recognition for its exceptional compositions and arrangements that fuse Kurdish-Iranian music with other music genres.

Drawing from a rich palette of traditional Kurdish folk, Iranian classical music, jazz, and contemporary music, Kurdophone's performances resonate deeply with audiences of all backgrounds.

Their diverse instrumentation adds layers of depth to their unique artistic voice, creating powerful and groove-filled experiences that transcend traditional genre boundaries.

With accolades including winning both the Creole 2 in Berlin and the Österreichische Musikfonds in Austria in 2019, Kurdophone continues to captivate listeners with its captivating fusion of cultures.

“The group Kurdophone comes from a completely different – but no less fascinating – background: led by the Iran-born Omid Darvish, the band combines the traditional music of Kurdistan and European jazz into something truly new, a sound to fire the imagination.”

Austrian Music Export 

"An exciting and diverse, sometimes delicate,sometimes tumultuous music between firm structure

and improvisation..."

"Eine spannende und vielfältige, mal

filigrane, mal aufbrausende Musik zwischen fester Struktur und Improvisation ...


Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

"The strong compositions, wealth of colours, the flawless interplay, vast dramaturgical arc, the great on-stage presence and charisma of the band were convincing. Its emotional depth was moving."

Statement of the jury @ Creole Global Contest, Berlin September



Amir Ahmadi



Sarvin Hazin



Omid Darvish




Helene Glüxam

Double Bass

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Amir Wahba


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