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Omid Darvish - Composer, Singer and Tanbur Player

Omid Darvish, a Tehran native now residing in Vienna, is a versatile singer, composer, and tanbur player. He is the driving force behind two innovative musical ventures in Vienna: Kurdophone and Huuum. With a dedicated focus on modernizing Iranian folkloric music, encompassing Kurdish, Baluchi, Lori, and other traditional styles, Omid endeavors to craft contemporary sounds that resonate with today's audience.


Omid's extensive immersion in Iranian music, coupled with his exploration of diverse genres such as jazz, electronic, and metal, has positioned him as a distinctive figure in the Austrian music scene. His artistic odyssey defies conventional boundaries, as he seamlessly amalgamates various musical traditions in his compositions.Drawing from a diverse array of vocal techniques, spanning from traditional to jazz-infused and metal-inspired styles, characterized by a deep, dark timbre with an expansive range, Omid explores endless possibilities to sculpt new sonic landscapes.


His compositions serve as a testament to his limitless creativity, offering fresh perspectives on the convergence of disparate musical cultures.Omid Darvish's musical persona is as dynamic and eclectic as the sounds he produces, establishing him as a genuinely distinctive and captivating presence in contemporary music.

- Kurdophone: "Isomer" (2019)
- HUUUM: "HUUUM" (2024)

Awards & Grants:
- Winner of Creole Global Contest, Berlin 2019
- Österreichische Musikfonds 2019
- Österreichische Musikfonds 2021
- Impulse Program, Austrian Music Export 2024

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