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Kurdophone- Logo by Kamal Tabatabei
Kurdophone 2019 - RKH Vienna

Kurdophone embarked on its musical journey in 2017, immersing itself in the rich tapestry of Kurdish Iranian music, particularly focusing on the intricate tanbour maqams. With roots dating back over 2000 years, the tanbour boasts a diverse repertoire of maqams, each with distinct characteristics separate from Arabic and Iranian classical music.

These maqams are celebrated for their unique melodies, complex rhythms, and profound ceremonial significance. Kurdish music, intertwined with the essence of tanbour maqams, forms the cornerstone of Kurdophone's musical exploration. Their goal is to seamlessly blend ancient elements with modern influences, crafting a sound that resonates with both the present and the future.

In their pursuit of musical innovation, Kurdophone embraces a diverse range of styles, including jazz, electronic, and Western contemporary music. Their ensemble showcases an eclectic lineup of instruments, featuring the kamancheh and the Clavitone (31 Tone-Keyboard & Tuning Systems), alongside the traditional jazz trio of piano, double bass, and percussion/drums.

Through this fusion of traditional Kurdish music, tanbour maqams, and contemporary influences, Kurdophone aspires to create music that transcends temporal boundaries. Their compositions offer a captivating sonic experience that pays homage to the past while embracing the endless possibilities of the future.

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