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"Isomer: In chemistry, molecules that have the same molecular formula, thus the same content, but appear in different shapes and structures are called isomers. How clever and meaningful it is to call a CD Isomer.

Kurdophone consists of three individuals from the Iranian and two from the Central European cultural circles. Here, the mystical maqams are relevant. universes could hardly be more different, and perhaps that's why the proverbial miracle happens with Kurdophone: each musician is completely themselves and can therefore also be completely present for the others. They all share the same boundless, unvarnished, love-hate world, pulsating through the musical space, charging up and then landing as a voice of confidence in the listener. It's enough to make you cry, with tears from the sparkling crystals of pain and happiness. "Isomers" is a musical stroke of luck."

Lotous Records

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Kurdophone- Logo by Kamal Tabatabei
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